The system is designed for protection of small enclosure with greater risk of fire. It operates automatically without any power supply by detecting higher tempratures. When the Temprature in the protected Enclosure rises to a critical level ,the heat sensitive tube melts / raptures down the point where the affecting temprature is the highst. Melting of the tube creates a hole relesing the entire extinguihing agent stored in the tube directley on to the source of the fire.
Automatic Cylinderless Fire Detection & Suppression Tube System For Electrical Paneles, Servers Racks, Tele-Communication Cabinets & Engine FireMelting of the tube creates a hole relesing the entire extinguishing agent stored in the tube directly on to the source of the fire.

Electrical Enclosure
Engine Compartments
Sizing & Coverage Area
Model No: Extinguishing Agent Amount of Extinguishing Agent Length of the System Without Pressure Switch(cm) Outside diameter of the tube(mm) Max Volume coverage of the protected Enclosure for Electrical pannel(M3) Max Volume coverage of the protected Enclosure for Engine(M3)
T025E HFE-227ea 50+-2 28 0.09 0.07
T050E HFC-227ea 100+-2 53 19 0.18 0.14
T100E HFE-227ea 250+-2 113 0.46 0.35
T200E HFE-227ea 500+-2 215 0.91 0.69
T300E HFE-227ea 750+-2 319 1.37 1.04
T400E HFE-227ea 1000+-2 422 1.82 1.39
T500E HFE-227ea 1250+-2 526 2.28 1.73
T600E HFE-227ea 1500+-2 630 2.73 2.08
Feature Of Fire Burst Tube
  • Universal use: highly flexible tube having capability to dowse A,B, Can electrical fires
  • Highly cost-effective: zero maintenance, long working life, automatic detection and suppression
  • No cylinder for storage of extinguishing agent needed: the whole system can be placed inside the enclosure
  • Option to connect the pressures switch and other additional components like signaling unit perform further functions
  • Clean and effective extinguishing agent: worldwide known and accepted HFC gases (HFC-227ea)
  • No pressurization nedded: the system works by increasing of the extinguishing agent when heated
  • Automatic operation based on increased temperature: ideal for non-occupied space or space out of sight.
  • Fully independent: system is operational 24x7 without any powersupply
  • No maintenance during entire working life = zero maintenance cost
  • Shelf life up to 5 years
  • Very simple installation
  • Minimum operating to monitor the pressure at any time
  • Electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive, leave no residue.
  • No harm to protected closure and people

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