High pressure water mist &
CAFS fire extinguisher

High Pressure water mist & CAFS is an effective first responder as it assure maximum fire rating of 55A, 233B,E1000V with control discharge and lidgt weight gun of 750 grams approx.The lanching Distance is ≥ 12 meters and is applicable on all three classes of fire (Class A, Class B & Electrical/Short Circuit Fire).We also provide AR AFFF for solvent fires with our system.

HSE team/fire personal would like to respond immediately to dowse Class A Class B and Electrical Fire but the difficulty is minimum fire performance and lanching distance .Maintenance is a big and onging issue. it is difficult to hold 17 kg extinguisher in hand and do fire fighting.

Technical Spacification
Specifications 9 liter Carbon Composite with PET Liner 50 liter Carbon Composite with PET Liner
Product Images Extinguisher Extinguisher
Operating Pressure 37-38 bar 37-38 bar
Weight of Empty System≤ 11 Kg≤ 40 Kg
Weight of FIlled System ≤ 20 Kg ≤ 90 Kg
Diameter for Vessel (Red)≤ 20 Kg ≤ 90 Kg
Height 670mm (Approx) 1100mm (Approx)
Minimum Length of Hose 1.3 Meters 5 Meters
Weight of Extinguisher Gun (Jet Model)750 gms. (Approx) 750 gms. (Approx)
Minimum Functional Time with Continuous Jet 26+ sec. (Approx)145+ sec. (Approx)
Lanching Distance ≥ 12 Meters ≥ 12 Meters
Propellant Compressed Air Compressed Air
Fire Rating 55A, 233B, E1000V 55A, IVB, E1000V
Reffered StandardsEN 3-7:2004+A1:2007-10EN 1866-1:2007-10
Ultra Light Carbon Composite PET Liner PESO Approved Cylinder - 20 Years Shelf Life 2.0L X 300 bar 6.8L X 300 bar

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